ME the lifestyle brand

ME the lifestyle brand is dedicated to the betterment of you.

Created in Japan, it has precision, uncompromised ethics and utmost attention to detail in its DNA. 
With meticulous research in some of the best laboratories by leading experts in the world,
ME strives to be the brand that incorporates balance and harmony into your daily life.

Whether it be food supplements - from the finest and most effective ingredients in the world,
designed solely to make you healthier, more energised, focused and gorgeous; apparel that’s engineered
and tested to provide you with comfort and support to help you make that extra effort;
or household accessories - designed to bring balance and harmony into your home.

ME the lifestyle brand is there for you, tailor made to empower you to do more and be more
effective, to make you feel more balanced, at peace, healthy, gorgeous, fulfilled and happy.

ME the lifestyle brand - for the ideal you.